How technology has changed the classroom experience for Kodiak students

Lets get some perspective here. In comparison, Kodiak is the same size of the state of Connecticut…

Fun Facts:

  • Kodiak Population a little over 6,000 people.
  • Connecticut – 3.5 MILLION
  • Kodiak in July, the average high is 60 degrees.
  • Hartford, Ct., the average high is 84
    • both Hartford and Kodiak both share the same average high in January….35 degrees! I can promise you though, Ct. got more snow the last two years 😉

I have complained once, twice, 50 times or so… thinking how remote I was in the “city of Kodiak.” Then your colleague tells you that they look forward to coming to “town” (from the village) to go out to eat! Things get put into perspective, real quick. 🙂

My husband has even rolled his eyes at me…“You poor thing…we have a Walmart and a Safeway (with a Starbucks inside) in town, how will you survive on this island?”

Tangent aside, living here I am impressed and enlightened to find such unique learning opportunities for our kids. Even though we have fewer resources that does not mean we have lower expectations. With Kodiak’s sense of adventure and intrigue it has brought Teachers from all of the country to Kodiak. Some moved on, some made it their home, and some have even retired here! Thinking about it… this is a chance to collaborate with amazing teachers from all over the country. What a great opportunity 🙂

“Most importantly, there are some unique educational experiences going on here. All over Kodiak, in our Elementary schools, Middle School and High School there is magic happening with these inspiring educators.”


When someone use to refer to “technology in the classroom” I use to think of a computer. Today (some lucky) teachers have I-pads and interactive whiteboards! With an increase in technology, this has also meant an increase and variety in communication! For educational purposes this is a WIN!

I bet in Connecticut you do not have R2D2’s cousin helping your students and Teachers in the classroom. 🙂 Haha, well we don’t either – but, we do have a really interesting robot in quite a few of our schools. In the video below it explains how useful it has been in connecting all of us.


Lindamood Bell

With the ability to stream live video from across the world we now have the ability to hold a “virtual classroom.” What an engaging educational experience – when you think of the possibilities. In this video below the students are learning about one of Australia’s most talked about animals…


The opportunity to travel that our students have, through clubs and sports, is also unique to Alaska. Here is last years Kodiak High School AKTeach team competing in Bethel, AK – FTC Delta Robot Rumble.

In the middle school there is a wonderful program called STEAM.  Science & Technology, interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements. Here is a video program overview (not from here in Kodiak). With highly engaging curriculum, fantastic technology and amazing teachers these students are off to a great start!

There is so many good things that go on for our kids on a daily basis –  I just needed to take a moment and celebrate! We all can get caught up in the negative. There are kinks to work out with any school, business – working relationship…

We still need to find time to celebrate the successes that go on everyday all around us! 🙂


Thank you to the wonderful teachers and para-professionals that make this happen every day here in Kodiak!

♥Anchored in Alaska



Robotics movie: Double Robotics
AKTeach movie: Anthony White

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