A Liebster Award and a Big Thank you!

Thank YOU!

I am so flattered after writing my first blog that two awesome writers/bloggers nominated me for the Liebster Award!


“Liebster” is a German word meaning beloved or dearest. In the blogging world, the Liebster Award is online recognition given by bloggers to other new bloggers for enjoying or valuing their work.” It is meant to highlight and credit favorite new and up coming blogs within our writing community.

The Liebster Award features talented newbie bloggers to help readers find new and fascinating blogs. The award is passed down blogger to blogger: If you are nominated you answer the 11 questions prompted by the nominating blogger, then create 11 new questions, and nominate 11 new bloggers to answer them.”

My first nomination came from Dara Denney at The Travellers Cookbook. Traveling + food…yes! Two of my favorite things 🙂  I love her outlook on life and realism. I look forward to reading more of her posts.

My second nomination came from another great blogger Karin at Girl Astray. With a thirst and love for culture and religion she shares her experiences from all over the world in many languages.

Something we all have in common is that we are all teachers 🙂 Love this!

Set #1 from: The Travellers Cookbook

1.Where are you from originally? What is your favorite part about that place?

Miami, Fl. 1988

I was born in florida. I love the beaches and the sunshine. I am lucky that I still have family down there where I can go visit from time to time.

2. What are your goals for your blog? Where do you hope your blog will be in one year?

I hope to have inspired people to come visit Alaska and see it for what it really is. Its beauty is breathtaking. The culture is wonderful. The small town traditions still present. 🙂

Cordova, AK
Cannery in Cordova, AK

3. How do you make money to fund your travels?

Currently working in Special Education for the school district, while pursuing a more specialized field. I am working towards becoming a Speech and Language Pathologist it will give me more freedom in the future.   …for traveling… 😉

4. What is your favorite part about arriving in a new country?

“Finally seeing with your own eyes what you have been dreaming of.”  We spend so much time making these mental “bucket lists” or “wish lists,” we have pin boards with all the places we want to go…Finally the day comes and “You have arrived at your destination.” So exhilarating!

5. Describe the best meal you ever had.

I am going to be so boring. My favorite meal, is our home cooked Thanksgiving meal. It cannot be replicated. Maybe it is because the memories go along with it…

6. If you were involved in an international scandal and had to move abroad with a new identity and could never again contact your friends or family…where would you move to?

I cant give away all my secrets now can I? 😉 😉 Well, If such a thing were to happen (meaning I was being blackmailed and had no choice in the matter…) I would definitely find a beautiful tropical island. Sand at my feet, fresh produce and seafood – where could I go wrong?

7. What’s your drink of choice?

Coffee…coffee and more coffee. Not a good combo 🙂 I try and even it out with water 😉  Honestly, I have been spoiled with drinks. I was a bartender and worked at wonderful traditional Irish Pub called Molly Darcy’s back home for close to five years. So I only drink when it is something new that I have never had before 🙂 You really have to sell me!

8. You just returned home from a 2 year long journey around the world. What do you eat first? 

My mothers home cooked food. My moms Eggplant Parmigiana. There is nothing like it in the world!

9. What is one thing that you believe people have misunderstood about your home country?

It is not fair to give everyone who lives in America the same label. Traveling, Americans do not aways have a good reputation. The customs and traditions throughout our country are different from North, to South and from East to West.  I found it really interesting that when Native Alaskans travel they call themselves Alaskans for just this reason. Traditions here is Alaska are so different (native culture) then those in the lower 48.

Alaska in relation to Europe                                                Alaska in relation to U.S.


10. What’s your favorite book?


That is a hard one. That is like your favorite meal…it depends on your mood. I love to read and would have to go with what my last best read was, Some Girls By: Jillian Lauren

11. Where to next?

This summer we are planning a trip to Juneau, Keni Pennisula and Denali. We are so excited to see more of Alaska.



Set #2 from: Girl Astray

1. What´s the worst place you have ever traveled to? Why?

Thinking about all the places I have traveled, I can’t think of a “worst” place. Every place I have gone to, there has been something I have learned or taken with me. In some way I have gained a new appreciation for their culture or mine. 🙂

2. Tell us your favourite (book) quote!

There are so many quotes to choose from. Considering there are life quotes from this author, and multiple in the same book I have to choose the amazing, Dr. Seuss! This quote from Oh, the place you’ll go!

“So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.” 

3.What age did you start walking?

I had to ask my mom this one, and I am glad that I did. Apparently I gave my mom a great gift on my first birthday. I let go of the table and took my first steps on my big day! 🙂

4. Are you a lone wolf or do you end up meeting travel buddies wherever you go?

I can make friends wherever I go, it is one of the best aspects of traveling. When you are in a new area you can find some of the best places with the insight of a local 😉  Last year while hiking in Kauai, Hawaii. We ran into locals who showed us a place where we could do some cliff jumping. Crossed that off my bucket list!! It sure was fun 🙂

5. Do you have a travel soulmate?


When my husband and I first started dating we went on a week long road trip. It went wonderful. I chalked it up to the “honeymoon phase.” When we moved out to Alaska and drove cross country and had just as wonderful of an adventure, I knew he was my travel soulmate. This was good since we had just gotten married! There were days in the car that there was no radio signal, 3 dogs, and no personal space! Experiencing the country like this and sharing this experience together has brought us even closer then we were before.

6. Train, plane, walking or hitchhike?

We love taking the train. It is such a great way to see the area that you are visiting. Currently, on our bucket list is a Denali Rail Tour. I cannot wait!

7. What is the highest mountain you climbed? 

The highest mountain I have climbed here in Kodiak, AK is Barometer Mountain, a 4 mi RT, 2500 ft elevation gain. This very steep trail heads straight up the side of the mountain. It is exposed trail to the top where you will find 360 degree views.

8. If you would be to start traveling for the first time again, what would you do differently?

I would do a better job documenting and journaling.

9. Favorite part of your gear?


My camera for sure! One of my favorite things to do is look back at the wonderful memories created and adventures once had.

10. What is you main interest when you are abroad?

One things that my husband and I both enjoy are museums. I love history. We also both enjoy the outdoors. We always have a healthy mix of outdoor adventures and museum hopping 🙂

11. The toughest situation you´ve ever encountered?

Last summer we had a very emotional situation while traveling to make our ferry back to Kodiak from Anchorage, AK. This is usually about a 6 hour road trip on a windy beautiful two lane road called Seward Highway.

All of a sudden we reached traffic and did not know why. If we miss our ferry, another one will not arrived for another two weeks. Frustrations started, along with stress and anxiety. A couple miles ahead of us this had just occured…

Alaska Dispatch news: One dead, at least three critically injured in Seward Highway crash involving tour bus

When something like this happens, (just moments ahead of you) life gets put in perspective real quick. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this horrible accident.

My Nominees:

Oh my goodness. I am so excited to see where Aggie at In Her Shoes goes! I love her outlook and confidence. I have been inspired by her wisdom and open-mindedness. She truly has such a beautiful spirit!

Megan at Wanderfully Lost, I am inspired by all her travels! She enjoys learninging new languages, and cultural anthropology. I can’t wait to follow her through her world-round trip this year!

Wow! I am so impressed with Sarah at Exploring Kiwis. Sarah and her family have traveled all over the world. Sarah has compiled her adventures from all of them! A great place to start if you need some inspiration!

Amie at Traveling Amos: Everyday is an Adventure is writes about traveling on a budget in witty and informative way.

Questions for my Nominees:

  1. Who would you vote as person of the year?
  2. What is your biggest failure? What have you learned from it?
  3. What was the inspirational moment when you decided to start a blog 🙂
  4. What brings you the most joy in life?
  5. If you had to rank them…What would be your top 5 places you have visited….and describe them with 5 words…
  6. What country have you visited has the best food in your opinion?
  7. Do you have a goal? If so what is it?
  8. What is one thing you can’t leave home without?
  9. What is your favorite animal?
  10. What is your weirdest quirk? 🙂
  11. Who is the most inspirational person to you? why?

I look forward to seeing your answers and following you on your adventures! Thank you for inspiring me!


♥Anchored in Alaska


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