Military Transfer Season – an Emotional Roller Coaster

Every transfer season military personnel anxiously wait for their PCS options. We never know what will be on that list, it’s a toss up.

adventure pic w watermark

After careful consideration, hours and hours of online research; from looking up real-estate, to the best schools, crime rates, cost of living…the list just goes on. A list based on your families priorities is made. Of course this is different for each family.

There seems to be stages in my emotional wellbeing during transfer season…



Adrenaline Rush 

Most importantly, while going through such an emotional roller coaster we are still keeping up with our regular day-to-day lives (with the help of coffee).   🙂

Stage 1: Apprehension

When is this list coming out?! Waiting to see what your possibilities are sure puts your stomach in a knot.roller-coaster-peak-1219670

Stage 2: Shock

The list is out. “This is it, these are my choices?”

Sometimes our next path is so unclear…so many questions…


Stage 3: Adrenaline Rush

RESEARCH!!! Data collection overload. At this time an overindulgence in caffeine is a necessity. We hand in our list, with no expectations (at least we try).

It is called a dream sheet after all… 


Hold on, the Emotional Roller Coaster is coming back around for its SECOND LOOP…..

Stage 4: Apprehenion

Now that your list has been handed in, we wait….for months…  Our next path is in the hands of a detailer.

Stage 5: Shock

Official orders are in! “My next (#) of years is going to be here?!”

Stage 6: Adrenaline Rush

Hold on tight for the “Kingda Ka” of emotions, because now its time to get ready to move! Our “To Do List” just became a book! 🙂


So go ahead put your hands up and enjoy the ride! Before you know it you will be in your new town, unpacked and redecorated (in record time).  Planning meet ups with old friends and new friends laughing about all these ups and downs. If anything…we have stories! 😉


What has helped me through this journey is looking at each place as an adventure. By no means has it always been easy. This season I am not moving, but my heart goes out to all of the families who are currently living this roller coaster we call life. You are not alone. Sending positive energy your way!

♥Anchored in Alaska

reflect pic w watermark.jpg

“Life takes you unexpected places, Love brings you home”




 Roller coaster cover

 Roller Coaster with big drop

 Double Loop Roller Coaster

Anticipation Roller Coaster

Broken Track Roller Coaster

hands up roller coaster



5 thoughts on “Military Transfer Season – an Emotional Roller Coaster

  1. We’re still at our FDS so we haven’t dealt with this yet! But it’s coming for sure, we won’t be here forever): Definitely not looking forward to it, but we’ll figure it out


    1. Approaching it with a positive is all we can do 🙂 its an adventure that for sure. I have grown as a person at each station we have been to. So many new people, personalities, new cultures and amazing experiences. Wishing you the best 🙂


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